AMERIPRINTS Live Scan Fingerprint Services

 Is a California Department of Justice Live Scan Fingerprint provider.
Sonoma Counties First Private Service Provider

 for DOJ Live Scan Fingerprinting

The AMERIPRINTS founder has an extensive military background with over 20 years experience in Personnel Security Administration and background investigations related work. This experience includes working closely with the networks involved in submitting Live Scan Fingerprints. This technical experience along with a passion for the industry is put to work for YOU the customer and your fingerprint submissions. Your fingerprints along with your personal information are handled with the best care and discipline possible. We utilize the latest technology and best submission providers available in California. We combine these aspects to provide the best possible customer service. AMERIPRINTS has gone as far as to bring online four different software suites with three different submission companies throughout California so that we would not only have a competitive pricing advantage but a technical experience advantage that would allow us to assist our customers in every possible way. This could only be possible with our years of experience in the industry and the fact that we specialize in Fingerprinting. The bottom line is allowing rock bottom pricing passed on to the customer with Fast, Quality, and Educated service.

** Remember - AMERIPRINTS has a goal of providing a quick, easy and comfortable environment to serve our customers while also educating them on the process. This is extremely important to us. A majority of our customers are asked to be fingerprinted without knowing the process or why it is required. We want to provide as much information as possible with the ease of service that many providers do not afford their customers. Each and every person through our doors is important to us and we are available to answer any questions and to provide resources to those we cannot. Our technicians go through a detailed training process taking months unlike other companies with untrained technicians.  Our years of experience combined with over five years of North Bay Counties Live Scan Servicing allows us top local as well as detailed industry knowledge to pass on to our customers. **


We look forward to making your Live Scan Experience Quick, Easy and Educated!!